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Dew - Actor and Drag Performer

"Lauren directed shows in which I participated in and being directed by her was such a refreshing experience as she displays so much tolerance, patience, and grace. She is incredibly well spoken and carries herself well. In my experience, working under the direction of Lauren has proved most rewarding, she understands how to speak to people and make you feel comfortable in conversation.
I highly recommend learning from Lauren, she has taught me so much- more than I ever thought I could know!"


Madeleine - Award Winning Actor & Producer

"Lauren is an incredibly knowledgeable and instinctual director. She uses her skill set as an actor to communicate her direction and create a creative and nurturing environment. I highly recommend Lauren for anyone wanting to work with a director or teacher who will elevate their performance and experiences."


Chris - Actor, Writer, Director & Producer

"My name is Chris Price and I have worked with Lauren as an actor, co-writer, director, choreographer, and live theatre performer. Throughout this time, I have always been impressed by her passion, confidence, and unique perspective. I have watched her mentor young actors and actresses as both co-star and director, and I myself have benefited from her technical know-how, and her selfless drive to see a goal achieved. I have no doubt that her students will benefit from the same."

Juneth - Actor & Singer

"Lauren is experienced and professional. I found her teaching style extremely beneficial as it is tailored to meet the individual needs of her students. She is very good at bringing the best out of you. Her determination is incredibly infectious and inspiring! Every minute spent with her is worth it."

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