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GAA Group Public Speaking Workshop

Welcome to the Global Acting Academy Group Public Speaking Workshop! Designed as a team building experience to elevate your public speaking skills in any setting. Your instructor, Lauren Batschowanow, is an award-winning film director, theatre producer and sales professional with over a decade of experience in both the corporate and entertainment industries. Lauren will guide your team through practical exercises to develop the three key elements of public speaking.


3 Key Elements in Public Speaking:

  1. Connecting with your audience

  2. Stage presence/confidence

  3. Memorising and absorbing your text/content

Who can this benefit from this workshop?
Anyone who engages in conferences, seminars, presentations, pitches, interviews and general face-to-face communication. Essentially, this could benefit your IT department as much as your Sales, Product and Marketing departments.

What will the GAA Group Public Speaking Workshop provide my group?
A transformational elevation in confidence for both confident and less confident individuals. A unique team building experience which increases empathy and trust. Tangible and transferrable skills to help memorise text and connect with any audience. 

Unlike other workshops, there is nothing passive about this experience. Each person in your team will be involved in a practical manner from start to finish. Once everyone has learned the 3 key elements, each individual will provide a short presentation to the entire group. This ensures that everything learned throughout the workshop is experienced first hand.

What happens once I book?
Lauren will be in contact to discuss your group dynamic (e.g. sales team, marketing team, mix of departments), your companies specialisation as well as what to prepare for the day. You will also be forwarded a GAA Group Public Speaking Workshop agenda. Lauren is excited to guide your team on this transformational journey!



For your consideration:
This workshop holds a maximum of 20 people. For larger teams, please book seperate time slots.
If you can not facilitate your group at your office, please contact us prior to your booking so we can coordinate accordingly.
** Please note, if you are located outside of Greater Sydney, NSW, you will need to book via Google Meet.
** If you are located in any other major city within Australia, it may be possible to schedule an in person workshop. Simply email or book a call prior to your booking to coordinate.

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