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Presenting with authority, confidence and magnetism can be learned.
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GAA Group Public Speaking Workshop
Before 20th December, 2022
Sydney Opera House
GAA Group Public Speaking Workshop

Bringing your team together!

Welcome to the Global Acting Academy Group Public Speaking Workshop. Designed as a team building experience to elevate your public speaking skills, provide confidence and bring your team together.

This could benefit your IT department as much as your Sales, Product and Marketing departments, as well as Management and if you just want an excuse to bring your company together then a mix of departments is great!


What will the GAA Group Public Speaking Workshop provide my group?

  • A chance to get together in person- finally!

  • A transformational elevation in confidence for each individual. 

  • A unique team building experience which increases empathy and trust. 

  • Tangible and transferrable skills to assist in memorising text and connecting with any audience. 

  • A chance to present to the group and walk out feeling confident, heard and motivated.


How is this different to other workshops?

There is nothing passive about this experience. Each person in the group will be involved in a practical manner, from start to finish. Think of it as a drama class for work! Not only will you become more confident within yourself, you will develop a real sense of empathy for your colleagues.

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Global Acting Academy Services

Global Acting Academy provides individual coaching for actors as well as individual and group coaching for those who wish to develop their public speaking skills.

Please see which service best suits you:

Acting Audition

Masterclass (one-on-one)

Whether you are a beginner or experienced actor, Global Acting Academy provides coaching to support your needs. You may have an audition or an important role you want to elevate to a high level or you may want to try acting for the very first time but don't know where to start. Our award-winning director, Lauren Batschowanow will develop your skills and help you achieve your acting goal in this 6 week program, specifically tailored to you.  

Book your free consultation HERE to start your journey.

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Public Speaking Masterclass

You may be completely new to public speaking or you may be good but want to take your stage presence to the next level. Global Acting Academy now provide individual coaching to elevate your public speaking skills. Our award-winning director and sales expert, Lauren Batschowanow will take you through confidence, text memory and audience connection coaching to transform you into a magnetic presenter. 

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GAA Group Public Speaking Workshop

Global Acting Academy are now offering group workshops to provide tangible skills in public speaking. This is a great team bonding workshop which will guarantee to elevate every individuals public speaking abilities. Feel free to book a free consultation to discuss the workshop outline and tailor to your company.

Book your free consultation HERE to start your journey.

Book your free consultation HERE to start your journey.

Lauren Batschowanow

Lauren Batschowanow is an award-winning film and theatre director/producer, title winning performer and sales professional with over a decade of experience across multiple industries.

Lauren utilises both performance and selling techniques to provide you with tangible skills which can be applied to any presentation, at a captivating level.

Whether you are public speaking to small or large crowds, pitching to investors, performing on stage or auditioning for a film, Lauren creates a specialised training format to suit your goal.

With experience in coaching and directing people from all walks of life, Lauren can transform even a complete beginner into a magnetic presence in the spotlight.

Lauren Batschowanow Coach Director Producer

Meet Your Coach

Book your FREE consultation HERE

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"Fake it 'til you make it" is great,

but genuine connection is grand."

- Lauren Batschowanow

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Madeleine award winning actor producer

Madeleine - Award Winning Actor & Producer

"Lauren is an incredibly knowledgeable and instinctual director. She uses her skill set as an actor to communicate her direction and create a creative and nurturing environment. I highly recommend Lauren for anyone wanting to work with a director or teacher who will elevate their performance and experiences."

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Ian - Actor

"Lauren has a heart centred approach to teaching. As her student, I was able to connect with the creative process of a scene with simplicity and curiosity to discover my characters journey and story. Lauren provides a set of skills and perspective to approaching the craft and material, whilst allowing you the ability to apply them in your own way during a performance. Lauren will train you to think like an artist and help you navigate the professional life of the actor with a focus on self care and progression- regardless of your level of experience. I have been able to obtain and create my own work as an artist and an actor as a result."

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Steph - Dancer
"The way Lauren directs throughout workshopping productions has really left a long lasting impression on me. The obvious passion and knowledge creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere which has helped me flourish, individually and in a group environment. Her professionalism and love of what she does generates a really fun vibe and I always walk away feeling inspired. Amazing individual to work with!"


Chris - Actor, Writer, Director & Producer

"My name is Chris Price and I have worked with Lauren as an actor, co-writer, director, choreographer, and live theatre performer. Throughout this time, I have always been impressed by her passion, confidence, and unique perspective. I have watched her mentor young actors and actresses as both co-star and director, and I myself have benefited from her technical know-how, and her selfless drive to see a goal achieved. I have no doubt that her students will benefit from the same."

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Juneth - Actor & Singer

"Lauren is experienced and professional. I found her teaching style extremely beneficial as it is tailored to meet the individual needs of her students. She is very good at bringing the best out of you. Her determination is incredibly infectious and inspiring! Every minute spent with her is worth it."

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Sarah - Dancer

"I have been very lucky to work as a performer under the direction of Lauren in her fabulous show, All That Fosse. Lauren is an inspiring director with a great eye for detail, who provides individual coaching to make sure we all shine on the stage! Her confidence, dynamic energy, creative flair and open approach drives a solid work ethic. Lauren has taught me to be fearless, trust my instincts, and put the best version of myself on stage."


Dew - Actor and Drag Performer

"Lauren directs shows in which I participate in and being directed by her is such a refreshing experience as she displays so much tolerance, patience, and grace. She is incredibly well spoken and carries herself well.

In my experience, working under the direction of Lauren has proved most rewarding as she understands how to speak to people and make you feel comfortable in conversation.
I highly recommend learning from Lauren, she has taught me so much- more than I ever thought I could know!"


Kate - Dancer

"Coming from a dance background, Lauren’s techniques to develop characters for stage have challenged and pushed me to become a better and more well-rounded performer.

Lauren has given me the tools to create deeper, more complex characters which ultimately allows me to perform at my best and with maximum confidence. Seeing Lauren's dedication to her vision and her performers is a testament to her passion for directing and coaching."

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